Our Roadmap ROADMAP

By minting an Elysian, you’ll be joining an exclusive club of NFT owners who are committed to not only collecting unique art, but who are also on the forefront of this fast moving, innovative space.

0% Sold

  • Full IP rights – Full intellectual property rights are granted to the buyer and future holders of the Elysian token
  • For every 100 mints, we will be giving two winners 2.5 SOL until all Elysians have been summoned. There will be hidden ‘master collector’ rewards announced later for certain combinations of traits or other hidden secrets.

20% Sold

  • Thugbird and more given away to random token IDs for the first 2000 sales(airdrops not eligible)

50% Sold

  • More Solana NFTs at the 50% mark until we’ve spent 100 SOL. These will be raffled off to token IDs from the first 5000 sales(airdrops not eligible). Giveaway items will depend on what we find and we will primarily buy from our 2ndary market partner Magic Eden.

100% Sold

  • Beginning at sellout, Elysians that are not listed on any market for the next 10 days will be eligible for extra rare giveaways. 20 winners chosen!
  • Diamond Hands Holder Competition: top prizes of 25 SOL paid to 10 winners. 10 winners will also receive custom 1/1s from our artist or other NFTs.
  • COMMUNITY VOTING FOR MORE – If you’re new here, we originally intended on creating game developed characters for metaverses and other gaming worlds on Solana. Now that we’ve had to pivot, we’d like the community to decide where else we go.
  • Options include: Comic book series or animated series, Grape DAO, features of either series such as episode topics, story aspects, who dies, who is resurrected, who fights, etc.
  • Elysian characters will have votes towards the decisions.

Meet Our Team TEAM

chief marketing officer
artist & website design
project lead

Frequently asked questions FAQS

If you have any other questions, please join our Discord!

A total of 10,000 Elysians will be created. We may release future collections with additive cities. A total of 200 will be held for staff, helpful Elysians, as well as promotional uses.

We are exploring ways to provide the best minting experience to avoid traffic hurdles and may install a larger presale or sorts, but unlikely to see any changes from the structure. Public launch will be on 10/10/21 at 9 AM PDT.

Launch will be limited to 1 per txn, but unlimited mints per wallet.

We have exclusively partnered with Magic Eden to launch on their platform.

We intended on contributing a set amount + any leftover funds from marketing and production to a community wallet. Future plans for our second chapter will be revealed through community effort and decisions.

5% secondary sale fee will be applied, with 2.5% to a development wallet and 2.5% to a community wallet for further community events.

Full intellectual property rights are granted to the buyer and future holders of the Elysian token.


Any questions?


Reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you shortly.